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TBS is in the HOUSE!!!

Old pueblo dawnBooyah! We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest member, Team Bacon Strip. Dubbed “a gaggle of dirty hippy mountain bikers” by the Minx herself, TBS has joined with NBC because, well, they do have real jobs, to which they ride at least a few times a week, and so they have a community interest in making Nevada roads safer for their commute. They also do crazy things like grill pancakes on Peavine to fuel up for trail maintenance days with the Poedunks. And so we welcome them to the coalition of Nevadans committed to making all of our commutes safer. BTW, membership is free, so that helps too.

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Cyclists meet with law enforcementAt first glance one would think a room filled with top ranking law enforcement and disgruntled cyclists would quickly erupt into hysteria, but thanks to the cooperation and good intentions of everyone involved, tonight’s meeting with “the chiefs” to discuss the perceived bias of law enforcement against the cyclist was a complete success.

Thanks to the cooperation and initiative of Sheriff Haley and our very own Terry McAfee, we cycle commuters finally got to let it out, all the hoots, the near misses, the “I didn’t see you”s, the “get off the road!’s,” and why it seems like there’s nothing being done to keep the peace. We got to hear the other side of the story too. The fact that 1.2 officers per 1000 people make it pretty difficult for officers to respond to every complaint of erratic driving. Our goal was to begin a much needed conversation with the people who can make our commute safer, and I think we got the point across. So, thanks Sheriff Haley, thanks Lt. Donnelly and thanks everyone for attending and speaking up and making it a complete success. We look forward to working together in the future. You can find Heidi’s notes of the meeting and more pictures under the “Advocacy” page.


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